Last Night’s Observation of the ISS and Shuttle Endeavour

Last night the skies of Sydney remained clear and gave us a perfect view of the International Space Station and the shuttle Endeavour as they flew over Sydney.

ISS and the Space Shuttle Endeavour (Click to Enlarge)

The ISS was much brighter and was the first of the two to be seen at about 8:42. I assumed I was looking at the space shuttle initially until the fainter dot of light that was the shuttle itself was seen ahead of the much brighter ISS. I was a little surprised because I thought that there would be a bigger distance between the two …… but it was an incredible view to see.

I have tried to recreate the view in the picture on the left where the ISS and the space shuttle passed above  the moon from our point of view. The Endeavour of course is the fainter dot on the right of the pair .

I have never seen the ISS chasing after a space shuttle like that so last night was an incredible sight considering the shuttle fleet will be retired later this year. With the few remaining shuttle missions left, hopefully last night’s show will be visible over Sydney again before  the shuttles are grounded.

Updated : I made a typo and originally put down the incorrect time of 9:42 instead of 8:42. This has been corrected. Thanks to Chris for the typo alert.

~ by sydneystargazers on February 21, 2010.

One Response to “Last Night’s Observation of the ISS and Shuttle Endeavour”

  1. Minor correction (not that it matters), it was 8:42pm, not 9:42 :). Did you manage to capture them in your pictures?

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