Shuttle Endeavour and ISS – visible tonight Monday 15th

With the spaceshuttle Endeavour now safely docked with the International Space Station, it will be a truly spectacular sight as the two pass over Sydney.

Luckily for us NASA has extended the Endeavour’s mission for an extra day which means that for the next 6 or 7 nights we will be able to see the Shuttle and ISS docked together as they orbit over Sydney.

(Click to enlarge)

This will include 2 flyovers visible from Sydney within a time period of 90 minutes on Thursday night which we will hopefully see if the expected cloud stays away.

Each night this week the Endeavour / ISS will be passing over us at a sane time between 9pm and 10pm Sydney time so try and see them this week as the shuttle missions are to be retired later this year. Sydney Star Gazers will show you all this week what time to look for them and where abouts to look for them.

The picture above shows where you will be able to spot the Endeavour / ISS tonight. They will appear above the horizon in the South West as shown in the picture at 9:57pm.  They should then pass directly overhead and disappear in the North East at 10:04 pm.  The picture marks the spot where the Endeavour and the ISS will be visible at exactly 9:59pm looking South-West.

The Endavour / ISS will have a magnitude tonight of -0.6. This is easily visible but not the brightest we will see of the two as they will be at a magnitude of -3.4 on wednesday night which is considerably brighter.

After the 22nd the ISS will not be seen by Sydney again until March and by that time the Endeavour will have landed.

~ by sydneystargazers on February 15, 2010.

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