The Eagle Nebula – Part 1 of 3

As I discussed in a previous post, amateur astronomers and students are able to pick up raw images from various telescopes such as the Hubble and create stunning pictures of deep space objects. Apparently these images have been available on the Internet since 2004 allowing people without expensive cameras or even telescopes to create color and detail from source telescope data.

Eagle Nebula Raw Data (click to Enlarge)

I have already processed a few images in the last few months and today I will be working on the first part of a 3 part post working on the Eagle Nebula which is also know as M16.

The image on the left is one of the 3 exposures taken from the Hubble telescope of the Eagle Nebula. This exposure is taken through a narrow-band 656nm filter (H-alpha). This particular image is the one I will be using to add green to the final image.

I will be adding in two other exposures alongside this one:

– a narrow-band 502 nm filter ([OIII]) which will be the image I assign blue color too, and

– a narrow-band 673nm filter ([SII]) which is the exposure I will use for red.

By combining the 3 exposures together, I can modify the levels and detail of the image in the red, green and blue light spectrums and work on producing a final image for the Eagle Nebula.

This will be shown in the 2nd post of this series on the Eagle Nebula.

If you are interested in learning this process, I will be demonstrating the technique on the 23rd of February at 7:30 pm at Northern Sydney Astronomical Society if you would like to show up as a visitor.

Details can be found here at : Click on the map under New Astronomers Group for a map on how to find us.

~ by sydneystargazers on February 10, 2010.

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