View the Hubble Telescope Tonight

Have you seen the Hubble Telescope as it flies over Sydney?

(Click to Enlarge)

Well this week is a good week to view the Hubble as it’s orbit takes it over Sydney. However it is best to see the Hubble tonight as it’s magnitude tonight will be +2.9. By Sunday it will become harder to see with it’s magnitude becoming +4.2. Keep in mind that we can see objects with the naked eye up to a magnitude of +6.

To view the Hubble telescope tonight, you will need to look towards the Western Horizon. The Hubble will appear over the horizon at 8:56pm. At 8:58pm , the Hubble will pass beneath Moon and then head towards the North East where it will disappear from view at 9:04pm

The best time to see the hubble will be at 9:01pm. Since the Sun will set at 8:08pm tonight we should have a good view of the Hubble tonight.

The picture below shows the Hubble’s path and it’s position in the sky at 9:02pm

~ by sydneystargazers on January 20, 2010.

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