Sunset – 9th January 2010

The Sun has just set over the western horizon …. but not before I decided to go out and take a picture of the Sun setting below the horizon. As you can see there is some scattered cloud around but this should disappear during the night.

Sunset 09/01/2010 (Click to Enlarge)

This picture is from my garden looking west and shows a sample of how much sky I can see in the west. I have trees off to the left of the picture as well as on the right of the picture, so I am pretty much limited to this view.

Observing conditions for the night look great so I am gearing up for another shot at observing Mars…. and with a little luck Saturn as well.

Both Mars and Saturn are visible after midnight but you have to look in a north -easterly direction to see them….. and Mars does not get too high above the horizon.

This of course makes it difficult to spot with big trees in the area but I am hoping to get some good shots despite that.

~ by sydneystargazers on January 9, 2010.

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