Jupiter low in the West

I had gone outside a short while ago to see what stars and planets were now visible in the darkening sky. I have to admit i was surprised to see that Jupiter was already low in the western sky, about 16 degrees above the horizon, and that it would actually set in about 90 minutes.

Jupiter in the West (Click to Enlarge)

So if anyone wants to see any planets in the next few hours, you better get the scope out quickly and take a look at Jupiter before it gets too low to the horizon. Otherwise you will need to do an observing session well after midnight and take a look at Mars, Saturn and the Moon.

This picture to the left shows Jupiter just above my tree line. This pretty much gives me little observing time to see Jupiter these nights before the planet  disappears behind the trees in my area.

So it is just as well my interest is in Mars as the red planet gets closer to us in a few weeks time.

Note in the picture the various shades of blue in the atmosphere. The sun had set at 8:10pm and this picture was taken about 20 to 30 minutes later. There are no red or orange colors from the Sun at all visible in this picture….. just a terrific dark shade of blue becoming lighter closer to the horizon.

~ by sydneystargazers on January 9, 2010.

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