5 Night Forecast Added to Sydney Star Gazers

5 Night Cloud Forecast (Click to Enlarge)

Over the past few months Sydney has experienced a reduction in the number of good observing nights…. something similar to the absence of spots on the Sun. This of course has made it diffacult to plan observing nights ahead of time.

As we are now in a brand new year I have decided to add a 5 night cloud forecast to Sydney Star Gazers which will give an idea of the cloud formations expected for the coming week. I thought about extending it to a 7 night forecast but there would be issues with my doing that so I have limited the forecast to 5 nights.

With this 5 night forecast, it would be impossible for me to show the cloud forecast for the entire night for those 5 days. So I have decided to show the forecast for 8pm Sydney time for each of those nights.

This forecast map will be generated once a day to reflect any change in clouds over the 5 night period. This forecast is now out of testing mode and has gone live as of today.

~ by sydneystargazers on January 1, 2010.

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