Dreamtime Meteor Discovered

(Crater discovered by Duane Hamacher)

News articles are still reporting on the meteor impact site discovered by a Sydney astronomer after first hearing dreaming stories by aboriginals and then searching the local area using Google Earth.

I thought I would follow up on my post on this yesterday by showing people where to find this meteor impact site on Google Earth.

The area you want to look for is Palm Valley south west of alice springs.

The exact coordinates for the crater are 24° 03’ 03” south and 132° 42’ 35” east.

I have added a close up view of the crater f0r those of you who do not have Google Earth installed.

I was looking around a little further afield last night using Google Earth and stumbled across an area which looked like a huge crater. In Google Earth, there is an option called Geographic Web which adds information for specific areas in Google Earth.

It turns out this area I was looking at in Google Earth, as shown in the picture below, is actually a known crater called the Gosses Bluff Crater. I think Duane Hamacher mentioned this crater when he spoke to us at the Northern Sydney Astronomical Society recently, but I was not sure where this crater was.

According to the information in Google Earth, this crater has a rim of about 22 km… which is huge.

Even though it was a known crater, using Google Earth is a perfect tool for looking for craters using a satellite point of view and I wonder how many other craters are out there that have not yet been discovered.

I won’t give the coordinates of this crater but those of you with Google Earth, see if you can find where this crater below is.

Gosses Bluff Crater (Click to Enlarge)

~ by sydneystargazers on December 30, 2009.

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