Daily Reports Now at Sydney Asteroid Watch

There are plenty of asteroids passing Earth on a daily basis and I find it interesting to see how often each one comes back and and passes Earth. How close do they get to Earth , do they cross our orbital path and what size are they?

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I have modified Sydney Asteroid Watch slightly and will now be reporting on asteroids on a daily basis.  I will now be looking at distant asteroids as well as the near earth asteroids and showing their orbital path compared to ours. If the asteroid passes close by, there will be a more detailed look at the asteroid.

One of the asteroids I looked at in the last few days has not been seen from Earth since 2005. I find it interesting that some asteroids pass Earth like clockwork while others may not be seen for years. Some make a one time pass only.

The new daily posts began on 25th December and you can see them by visiting the following link.


~ by sydneystargazers on December 29, 2009.

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