Lagoon Nebula – Part 3 of 3

(Click to Enlarge)

There are many options to chose from when coming up with the final image of the object you are processing. As is the case with the Lagoon Nebula one has to try and work out how much of a particular color to use in the image…. should the nebula be pinkish, red, blue or perhaps green. Then you have to ask yourself how bright to make it. Modifying the luminosity of the image darkens the black background of space around the nebula which is the easy part. But to lighten up the red,blue and green colors or make them darker are options one has to decide on.

I settled upon what you see in the image above. Originally I was going to have the nebula a shade darker to bring out the clouds , but I decided that as this is a bright nebula I would make the image brighter.

Note that if you look at the brightest part of the Lagoon Nebula, you will see the Hourglass Nebula standing out pretty well. In the Lagoon Nebula, you will also make out the presence of dark nebula which are called globules. These are collapsing protostellar clouds.


I decided not to include a 2nd picture here showing the H-Alpha picture as I was not getting a good result with it. I will need to learn how to work with H-Alpha levels but they are not that critical to the imaging process for me at the moment.

~ by sydneystargazers on December 27, 2009.

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