Earth from the Moon and asteroid Apophis

In Sydney Asteroid Watch we are having a look at asteroid Apophis which made news 5 years ago this month. We look at the asteroid , see what all the fuss was about and take a view of Earth from the asteroid as it flies by….. in 2029.

You can jump to Sydney Asteroid Watch by clicking on this link here.

I thought over the next week I would show some pictures each day showing what our Earth would look like if we were looking back at us from another planet or the Sun.

Today  we look at the Earth from the perspective of the moon as it is our most closest object in space.

( Click to Enlarge)

As the Moon has no atmosphere I would suspect that if we were standing on the surface of the Moon the image and size of Earth would look just like this. When you look at the other planets in the solar system, I think there is no other that matches the incredible look and detail that Earth has to show.

Saturn would probably be the next planet on that list just solely due to the amazing rings surrounding that planet.

~ by sydneystargazers on December 22, 2009.

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