Dark Matter Found in a Mine?

When you look at the universe through your telescope you see the typical stars,galaxies, planets , dust clouds and so on. This is visible matter and surprisingly makes up only around 5% of the Universe. The remaining 95% of matter making up the Universe is unseen.

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Of this 95%,  it is suggested that 70% is dark energy. Dark energy is believed to be the one factor explaining why the Universe is expanding at an accelerated rate . The remaining 25% is dark matter.

Scientists have been searching for dark matter since the early 1970s , a job which is difficult as dark matter is invisible and has never been detected. It is thought that dark matter has a role to play in explaining why galaxies rotate at their current speed.

News broke this week that after all these years, it is possible that we have detected dark matter for the very first time. This still has to be verified as the scientists have not yet confirmed the findings…. but the characteristics of what they found are characteristic of dark matter.

The interesting thing is that what could possibly be dark matter was not discovered in space but was actually detected deep within an old mine which is no longer in production. From what I understand, the Earth is constantly bombarded by the particles that make up dark matter and these 2 particles discovered earlier this month were detected after scientists installed new sensor equipment in the mine.

If dark matter has been discovered it will finally prove a theory that was suggested almost 80 years ago.

~ by sydneystargazers on December 19, 2009.

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