Barlow Lenses – Part 1

When I purchased my Celestron back in March of this year, I soon followed up by purchasing a case full of different sized lenses which gave me a range of 4mm lenses up to 32mm lenses. Definitely well worth the purchase as it pretty much covered the viewing limits of my scope.

The 32mm lense of course gives a broad and breathtaking view of the sky and I have used this a lot. The 9mm is also a favourite of mine when I want to get up close and personal with the object I am observing. At times I have even gone for a 4mm lense when i have been brave…. but I have not been brave too often as yet.

Barlow Lens (Click to Enlarge)

The problem I found with looking through a lense such as a 9mm lense is that you get a very small eye relief…. which can be a little uncomfortable for the eye. You have to stick your eye right up close to the lense to see through the miniature hole of the eye piece. And i believe this is a problem for people who wear glasses who require a specific eye relief as minimum.

Shortly after purchasing my telescope, I discovered I was missing something I had heard about called a Barlow Lens. Now I have heard mixed reactions to the Barlow Lens , some people swearing by them and some people preferring to use eye pieces without a Barlow attached. I think it is a matter of preference and depends on what you are observing.

For those who have not tried a Barlow Lens, you simply slide the Barlow into the eyepiece slot as you would a normal eyepiece. Then you slide the normal eyepiece into the Barlow and this gives a magnification boost to your telescope.

So of course I had to buy one…..well actually I purchased two over several months but that is another story.

In Barlow Lenses – Part 2 I will talk about my experiences with the Barlow and my opinion of them.

~ by sydneystargazers on December 5, 2009.

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