Receive Email Updates from Sydney Star Gazers

I have added an Email Notification System to Sydney Star Gazers as an option for people who would like to be notified by email when new posts are added to the site. I have enabled this only on the main page so that subscribers do not  receive emails every time I add new posts to the secondary pages such as Sydney Universal Watch and Sydney Asteroid Watch. Too many emails would be annoying to everyone.

The purpose of the notification system is to let people know of new posts such as when events are due that night such as a meteor show , a transition over at Jupiter or what time and where to look for the International Space Station as it passes over Sydney. You can then simply check your emails to see if I have added the Viewing Conditions details for the night without having to go to this site every few hours to see if there has been a new post.

Note that the email notification will most likely not inform you when I have made updates to observing conditions later in the day so you will still have to visit the site for any changes to the weather forecasts for the night.

You are able to subscribe or unsubscribe as and when you wish by selecting the option as shown in the menu on the right. Note that by subscribing to the email notification system you would be getting between 1 and 3 emails on average a day from  Sydney Star Gazers…

~ by sydneystargazers on December 4, 2009.

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