M45 next to the Moon at 1:24am

The open cluster M45 will be found close up next to the Moon at 1:24am tomorrow morning . However there are a couple of possible obstacles to observing this event.


M45 and the Moon (Click to Enlarge )

First obstacle is that there is forecast to be around 51% cloud cover at this time of the morning so it will be a hit or miss on seeing the Moon depending on where the clouds are.


The other obstacle is that the Moon is in a waxing gibous phase with 97% of it’s surface lit by the Moon. This will cause some serious light pollution in the area which will effect the ability to view M45.

Possibly using filters to block out the moonlight may help but this will most likely reduce the light coming from the open cluster as well.



~ by sydneystargazers on December 1, 2009.

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