New Cloud Maps Generated by Sydney Star Gazers

Sydney Star Gazers is now in a position to better monitor expected cloud conditions over Sydney and much of the rest of eastern Australia. Using data supplied from the Nomads Weather Prediction Model, we should be able to bring up maps as they are updated by the WPM and translate the data to show on our Clear Sky Chart. Updates will be plotted several times during the day where possible but you need to refer to the Last Updated Date shown on the chart to check how old the data is.

As has been seen lately, no matter how good the forecast models are….. some times Mother Nature changes her mind at the last minute and throws in a whole bunch of cloud on nights forecast to be clear. But we can still second guess Mother Nature most of the time .


Cloud for Nov 24: 8pm (Click to Enlarge)

As of today we will be now including 2 cloud maps in our daily Viewing Conditions posts that we have generated by plotting data supplied by the Weather Prediction Model. These 2 cloud maps will show the forecast cloud conditions for Sydney and surrounding areas for the periods of 8pm and 11pm each night. By using these you should be able to visually see a picture of the expected cloud conditions from Sunset through to midnight. These are times I suspect most of us are out trying to observe the night sky.


The data available to us lets us show expected cloud forecasts up to a week ahead of time. This is handy when we want to check how good a night will be down the track when there is a meteor shower to be watched or some other event occurring. For instance, the picture to the left shows the expected cloud map for this coming Tuesday night at 8pm which we were hoping was going to be cloud free. Sadly at the moment it looks pretty overcast…but that could change over the next few days.


~ by sydneystargazers on November 21, 2009.

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