Taurid Meteor Fireballs Tonight

Today Comet 2P/Encke is around 393 million kilometres away from Earth …and moving away from us pretty fast.

But since last month, the Earth has begun passing theough the debris left behind by comet Encke.

The Earth will pass through the densest part of this debris tonight and Taurid Meteor Shower (Click to Enlarge)viewers in Sydney will see the 20 or so fireballs that are expected each hour….. the best time being around midnight to see them.

Unfortunately with such a great show tonight, there is some bad news for Sydney.

Complete and total overcast conditions are forecast for tonight which will well and truly hide anything we might see of what is called the Taurid meteor shower.

But just in case the clouds do miraculously vanish around midnight tonight, keep your eyes on the constellation Taurus which will be 31.6 degrees above the horizon in the north eastern skies of sydney at midnight tonight.


~ by sydneystargazers on November 4, 2009.

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