Clouds on a Friday Night

I had actually been hoping to do a little observing tonight and had been monitoring a mass of clouds approaching Sydney from the South. There was enough cloud there earlier to cause some serious complications for observing tonight…..but it looked like it could possibly clear after a few hours.

More Clouds after a Clear Day (Click to Enlarge)

More Clouds after a Clear Day (Click to Enlarge)

I guess as far as observing the skies from Sydney , there are two questions that probably have to be answered. The first is whats with the lack of sunspots on the sun for 2008/2009. And the second question is why have there been so few good nights for observing?

Both questions have yet to be answered.

Anyhow, I had been monitoring this cloud from the south and estimated that it would clear about 7pm or 8pm. That might give me a chance to take some astrophotos of Jupiter and possibly also the Moon which will be in the west for some time before setting after midnight.

But then I took a second look at the cloud picture from 6pm, as shown above. I soon realised that with all that cloud heading slowly up the coast towards Sydney there was going to be little chance of observing tonight.

But I have my telescope and gear ready on stand by…… just in case.

Besides….. there is always tomorrow….. or Sunday….. or Monday……

~ by sydneystargazers on October 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “Clouds on a Friday Night”

  1. Hey mate , could i ask where you get the cloud overlay on Google maps from?

  2. This screenshot was taken using Wundermap which you will find at the link below. Use the satellite option VIS during the day and adjust the sensitivity .,%20New%20South%20Wales&plat=-33.95000&plon=151.17999&rad=0&wxsn=0&svr=0&cams=0&sat=1&sat.num=1&sat.spd=25&sat.opa=85&sat.gtt1=109&sat.gtt2=108&sat.type=IR4&riv=0&mm=0&hur=0&fire=0&tor=0&ndfd=0&pix=0

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