M7 , an Open Cluster of Stars

Tonight Universe Watch focuses on how to look at the M7 star cluster which will be visible west of Sydney tonight.



M7 (Click to Enlarge)

M7 is about 800 light years away so this is how long you will have to wait to see today’s live coverage of it. It is amazing to thing of the possibility that what we are looking at now may be completely different to what is actually happening over there right now.


M7 is travelling towards us at about 14 kilometres a second, so even over the last 800 years it has only moved a fraction of the distance it needs to go to reach us. We are probably talking about  several million years before M7 passes us by.

Universe Watch also talks today about how to best see objects that look like a blur of light. There are two methods you can use to see star clusters and nebulae better…….. one method is to use Averted Vision and the other technique is to use scope rocking.

Both of these are explained in Universe Watch as well as where exactly to find the M7 star cluster from Sydney tonight.

~ by sydneystargazers on October 20, 2009.

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