Comet Watch Update

I set up comet watch just over a week ago to look at comets hopefully on a daily basis…… and I had a list of 47 comets to look at over the next 5 years.
Cometwatch2Then I got a little confused as I was getting different figures from different sources on what the magnitude of a comet actually was. Lencke for example was either a magnitude 11.5 or a 21.0, depending on which source you used.
I was also getting one source telling me that the Lagoon Nebulae had a magnitude of +30 which means you would need to use the hubble telescope to see the nebulae. This was the case with M17 too and apparently the software automatically gives that magnitude if the astronomical database it uses does not supply a magnitude for an object.
Anyhow, I worked out that there were in fact 2 problems and my second problem was that the second software package I had purchased today online was using comet data from 2007. So I quickly updated this to the current version of the file comets.txt and have now sorted out the magnitude discrepancies.
So now I need a day or two to revise my list of comets to study and I should then be able to start posting into Comet Watch.

~ by sydneystargazers on October 19, 2009.

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