Clear Sky Chart – Sydney (NSW)

I have decided to add my own version of the Clear Sky Chart that is used by amateur astronomers over in the States. I think it is a great idea because it gives a picture of what the conditions will be like during the night.

The American Clear Sky Chart I have seen is a 24 hour view of the skies also including transparency, humidity,wind and temperature. I will not be that fancy and this will just be a lite-version of that chart specifically for Sydney, NSW.

I have decided to only  show the hours between sun-set and sun-rise as that will be used by most people.

The Clear Sky Chart on Sydney Star Gazers is going to have a trial run to iron out any flaws. It is not an automatic system so it may not always be updated with late changes in weather….. ie    especially 3am in the morning.

I will stick the chart onto the end of the Viewing conditions as that would make most sense.

~ by sydneystargazers on October 19, 2009.

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