Sky Glow: Is There a Solution for BackYard Astronomers?

As I discovered last night I was having major issues with sky glow in Sydney…… and then on top of that a neighbor turned on a garden light for the rest of the night.

What is Sky Glow?  (Click For Larger Picture)

What is Sky Glow? (Click For Larger Picture)

Light pollution is stray light emitted from poorly designed and aimed lighting installations for advertising, business, security and street lighting. While some light is unavoidably reflected upward from illuminated surfaces, much of it spills outside the area that it is meant to illuminate creating glare, light-trespass and skyglow.

If cities for example use light fixtures that direct just 3% of their light upwards, this can almost double the sky glow experienced by astronomical observatories 100 km away. That is some sky glow.

The picture on the left shows what the Milky way looks like first outside of light effected areas and then from within light effected areas.

So is there a way for backyard astronomers to combat sky glow? Well I am hoping so and next week I will hopefully place an order for a new filter which will hopefully block sky glow and allow me to view the night sky a lot clearer.

Skyglow Filter ( Click For Larger Picture)

Skyglow Filter ( Click For Larger Picture)

There are various types of Skyglow filters available and I am doing research first to find out which of these works better than the others.

These filters are designed to block out out up to 99% of the glow caused by mercury and sodium vapor street lights and security lights while letting the light from deep sky objects shine through the light pollution.

Sounds too good to be true but if this works as it is described, then I’ll be placing an order soon.

But first I will do a little research and find some reviews from people who have tried these filters out.

~ by sydneystargazers on October 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “Sky Glow: Is There a Solution for BackYard Astronomers?”

  1. is there an update on this post? did the filters help?

  2. Its ok I saw updated posts on forum

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