Zooming in on the Moon’s “Lighthouse”

I tried to take a few closeup pictures of the light shining in the top right of the moon, standing out and very obvious as it was surrounded by the darker moon surface.

With the Moon being almost fill I was guessing that the Sun’s light was causing a crater to shine like a “lighthouse” in the darkness . But why was this crater the only one reflecting like this.

Using the digital camera , I tried zooming in to that area but was experiencing a lot of light pollution from the moon itself. I did manage to get a few pictures but they were all a little grainy in appearance.

One possibility I was thinking about was that this crater was unique in that it had a high wall which was catching the Sun’s light unlike the other craters around it.

As soon as the viewing conditions improve I’ll have another look to see if I can catch this effect again.

Zoomed in Picture of mysterious light on Moon 1/10/2009 (Click For Larger Picture)

Zoomed in Picture of Mysterious Light on Moon 1/10/2009 (Click For Larger Picture)

~ by sydneystargazers on October 7, 2009.

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