Examining A Bright Spot on the Moon

Ever since I purchased my telescope earlier this year it seems like we have had more overcast skies and rain than I could imagine us having before. This of course wrecks all hope of getting practical experience on the telescope in my aims to see how far this telescope can go.

So when there is a night clear of rain and cloud, I make the most of it.

Such was the case on October 1st 2009 . The moon had risen in the east at about 3 in the afternoon so when I was out with the telescope at 9pm, the Moon was pretty high in the sky. As 92% of the moon was lit up by the sun, I gave up on trying to see Jupiter,Neptune and Uranus through the scope as they were in close proximity to the moon as I looked up. So I turned my attention on the moon.

I had some issues with how bright the moon was as it was causing a lot of wash out, but I managed to get the images through the scope working well. I wanted to get more experience with taking digital pictures through the telescope and the Moon was as good a subject as I could hope for.

I was exploring the moon’s craters and taking a number of pictures of the craters catching the sun light when I noticed a bright light on the top right of the moon’s surface. This was odd as it stood out like a lighthouse on the moon. So I managed to get the camera to focus on the area and took the picture as shown below.

Picture of Moon 1/10/2009 (click for Larger

Picture of Moon 1/10/2009 (Click for Larger Picture)

Note the light I was talking about in the top right of this picture.

~ by sydneystargazers on October 7, 2009.

One Response to “Examining A Bright Spot on the Moon”

  1. I came across this post, because I saw the same thing and wondered as well. Your photo is wonderfully detailed, so much so that I was able to enlarge it and see the bright spot. I think that what we are seeing is the far side of a crater, a crater that may have been impacted from an angle that caused the far side of the crater to be higher than the near side. If you enlarge your photo, you can see the faint dark out line of what seems to be the crater itself.
    I feel kind of stupid; I even emailed NASA with this same question. Who knows if they will respond?
    Thanks for posting this photo and question, makes me feel I wasn’t the only one. Now I have to go get a lens like yours! I love taking photos of the moon and I could never get such nice images with my little telephoto lens. Please tell me about yours.
    James Amerson

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